If you’ve ever been to Nepal, you know why it’s one of the popular tourist destinations. The culture, landmarks, and history of this country make it a hinterland worth visiting!

But there’s a hidden gem in this wilderness – the Nepali People and the Nepali Food Culture! The country has a rich culture and tradition that backs up the diversity of food and its essence. In an already unique country that offers a wide variety of Nepali food, you’ll get carried away by the delectable food items!

Here’s our take on the popular Nepali dishes you should certainly try.

Dal Bhat Tarkari – The Famous Staple Food of Nepal

Proper Nepali Dal Bhat and Tarkari

There is not a single Nepali who doesn’t eat Dal Bhat and Tarkari. Period. This ‘Dal Bhat & Tarkari’ refers to rice served with lentil soup and vegetable curry or meat. This dish is not just delicious but provides needed nutrition as well.

The combination of rice, lentil soup, and curry gives you unutterable satisfaction. If you go to Nepal or visit a Nepali Restaurant anywhere in the world, be sure to try out this dish that might just end up being your favorite dinner option!

Momos – A Gift From Heaven!

Steam momo served in a leaf plate.

I don’t love Momos, said no Nepali ever!

There’s a huge fun saying in Nepal that if you don’t love momos, you’re not a Nepali. And we would agree, wink!

Momos are the most popular tryouts for tourists visiting Nepal and is the number one recommendation anyone gives you. 

Momos are small envelopes of white flour stuffed with either veggies or minced meat (chicken, lamb, or buffalo). They are steamed with love and as you have them in your mouth, a blast of juicy ingredients spell you to become an addict. 

To add up, you are served with some delicious sauce that makes the combination a perfect snack! At Himalayan Kitchen, we use our secret Himlayan Sauce!


Samosas served with chutney.

Samosas are typically a famous Indian delicacy but it tastes so good that Nepal has embraced this mighty dish as well!

It is a mixture of potato, spices, and peas stuffed in a triangular envelope made of flour. It is fried to make the shell crunchy. Have these deep-fried patties with tamarind sauce and you’ll never mind being a vegetarian!

Be sure to order Samosas next time you visit a Nepali Restaurant.

Choila – The Best Taste of Meat

Chicken Choila.

Under the Nepali food category, Choila falls under the Newari cuisine. Usually, you’ll find this spicy dish made up of water buffalo meat. In the Newari culture, choila is the showstopper dish. Mind you, it is served hot and super spicy!

Choilas are also made out of other meats like chicken, lamb, and duck. They are marinated with bell pepper, onion, green onion, and other spices. Definitely try out choilas. We highly recommend you do.

At Himalayan Kitchen, we prepare choilas in a clay oven with Himalayan spices and sauce!

We think it’s a privilege to be able to serve people who are new to Nepali food experience here in the United States. Food experience, like any other experience, takes time to relate to and truly understand.

We are extremely grateful to be doing what we do – serving the culture, away from home. 

It’s a heartwarming affair to witness people try out Nepali food and engage in the culture. We highly recommend you to taste the above dishes anytime you’re in Nepal or any Nepali Restaurant!